Interrail Guide: Europe by Train

You want to experience your first backpacking adventure in Europe – but are unsure what to expect? Then this book will address your uncertainties and answer all your questions. Starting with planning your travel route, a required budget, and the optimal packing list, you will find everything you need to know for a successful journey by train.

Interrailing Guide for Backpackers

Europe offers everything you need for an adventure. Breathtaking landscapes, cultural diversity and backpackers from all over the world. By train, you can travel from the biggest metropolis to the most remote place. With this book, you will be well prepared to start your first backpacking adventure. From my experience, I can tell you that traveling by train is the most beautiful way to discover Europe. Let’s go, your adventure awaits!

Find cheap tickets
Find out whether an Interrail Pass makes sense for you or whether tickets booked separately might be cheaper. You’ll also find more tips on how to save money on your train journey.

Planning your itinerary
In addition to popular travel routes, there are tips on route planning and recommended countries. You can also find out how to optimise your route and experience as much as possible on your journey.

Budget planning
It is easy to calculate the costs you will incur and the budget you should plan for. You can also find out how to find cheap accommodation.

Adventure awaits
Whether it’s after graduating from high school, during the semester break or as a short break from work, now is the best time to explore Europe. So let’s go, the adventure awaits!

Adventure awaits!

There are countless European countries you can explore by train.
All you have to do is be brave and go on an adventure.

Julian Trometer
Julian discovered during a backpacking trip through Europe that adventure is only a train ride away. He has been writing about his experiences on his blog Backpacker Dude for several years. Recently, his book "Europe by train - backpacking for beginners" was published to match. On Railtripping Julian reports about his experiences and adventures by train.